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Button Head Pins


These quirky and cute straight pins have a button shaped head making them easy to grip.

Curved Safety Pins 150 pieces


Large safety pins with a curved shape traditionally used in quilting. The curved design means the pin feeds itself back up through the fabric making them much easier to grip and use than traditional safety pins.

Easy Grip Pins


One of our most popular products! Straight pins with an ergonomically designed head for easy grip action. Very useful if gripping traditional pins is challenging.

Hemline Suction Retractable Tape Measure


This tape measure is fully retractable meaning it won’t drag along the floor and can be tidied away at the press of a button. The handy suction cup on the base means this tape measure can be fixed to a work surface and locked in place meaning this tape measure can be used one handed.

Multicoloured Tape Measure 150cm/60”


This multicoloured tape measure is designed using blocks of colour to indicate 10cm sections. This is great if following numbers or keeping track of measurements is a challenge as it makes it very visually clear.

This product comes in blue, yellow and pink – this will be selected at random however if you have a strong preference please leave a note on your order at checkout and we will try our best to accommodate based on stock levels, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Sewer’s Extra Finger


This amazing tool is like adding an extra pair of hands to your sewing projects! The two pronged tips, one flat, one pointed, can be used to help feed fabric through your sewing machine, or hold a hem while you press it. Exceedingly useful if manipulating fabric is challenging and can help keep hands away from machine needles and hot irons.

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