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All Access Sewing


This is a sewing book with a difference

Our clothes are a huge part of our identities; a way to express ourselves. What we wear can make us feel incredible or invisible; comfortable or in pain; stylish or drab.

But imagine if …

  • none of your clothes actually fit
  • they all caused you pain or made you feel invisible
  • you just couldn’t find clothes that fitted your needs and your body
  • the clothes you wore actually made you unwell
  • you couldn’t get yourself dressed and had to rely on other people.

Well, that’s the reality for 1 in 5 people in the UK and 1 in 4 in the USA. Even in the 21st century, clothing doesn’t cater for disabled people. And this needs to change.

This book shows everyone – whatever your ability or challenge – how to embrace sewing as a craft, and adapt your own wardrobe to accommodate your every need.

Tips, tricks, hacks, and tools, all designed to make your sewing journey an All-Access one.

This is the ramp of sewing books – giving you all access to sewing

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