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An image of Rebecca Cole, the author, holding a teacup and smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue polka dot shirt, with short red hair and thin framed glasses.

Rebecca, or Becky as she is affectionately known, picked up sewing as a hobby at age 7. She has been sewing for over 30 years, with 20 years professional experience.

She trained at the London College of Fashion as a Period Pattern Cutter for Film, Television, and Theatre, graduating with honours.

After securing a BBC training placement with a costume team on a children’s drama, Rebecca spent the first years of her professional life working up from the position of costume trainee to Supervisor, working on many high profile projects such as Waking The Dead, Primeval, The IT Crowd, Black Mirror, Misfits, Worst Week of My Life, The Robinsons, My Hero, and Big Top, and with well-known actors such as Sophie Thompson, Martin Freeman, Hugh Bonneville, Sue Johnston, Tony Robinson, Anna Massey, Ben Miller, Amanda Holden, and Olivia Colman. 

In 2009, after deciding to focus on starting her family, Rebecca made the decision to move away from the television industry and transfer her sewing and pattern cutting skills to making bespoke wedding gowns and evening wear. 

In 2018 Rebecca was invited to join the team at Create & Craft TV, sharing her knowledge and expertise with viewers, demonstrating sewing machines and fabrics, working with brands such as Brother, Craft Cotton Co, Tilda, Moda, Highlight Crafts, Marathon, and Oliso. A job which she loves and still does today.  

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Becky's Diagnosis

In 2021, age 39, Rebecca made the life changing discovery that she is Autistic and ADHD, and had Irlen’s Syndrome.  The knowledge that she had unknowingly struggled with three separate disabilities her whole life changed everything for her. She now understood herself better and her sewing focus shifted to creating clothing that worked for her sensory challenges, documenting this on her social media channels. She soon came to learn that the clothing industry, which has always traditionally worked from the concept of one type of body, was miles behind servicing the needs of disabled and neurodivergent people.

Becky's Mission

In 2022 Becky joined Channel 4’s Unique Boutique, a groundbreaking series created by a majority disabled and neurodivergent team. In her role as Sewing Producer Becky thrived as her authentic neurodivergent self, and her passion for making sewing accessible and inclusive blossomed. All Access Sewing is about creating accessible and inclusive content to help you embrace sewing and to make your wardrobe work for you, whatever your access needs are. And it’s starting with the All Access Sewing book.

Kind Words & Commendations

“I love Becky’s inclusive and ‘can-do’ approach to sewing…she has a wonderful way of making any newbie or nervous sewer feel like anything is possible!”
- Stuart Hillard, Author, TV Presenter, Fabric Designer, Magazine Columnist, Great British Sewing Bee Original
"I worked with Rebecca on ‘The Unique Boutique’ series for Channel 4, during which she led a fantastic team of inclusive sewers making outfits to work for everybody. Rebecca is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all things sewing and thrives on problem solving. I’m delighted that in writing this book she will be able to share all the tricks and tips she’s learned with others, making sewing accessible to all."
- Carrie Smith, Series Producer, Unique Boutique
“Bless my soul, it’s Becky Cole! And now she’s an author as well as a top sewist. Her knowledge is immense and it’s brilliant that she is sharing it!”
- Nigel May, TV and Radio Presenter
“Becky is such a talented, thinking-outside-of-the-box, adaptive sewer that I cannot think of a more qualified crafter to be writing a creatively inclusive dressmaking book. Everyone should be more Becky!”
- Paula Milner, The Crafty Lass
“Becky’s years of experience are apparent to anyone who interacts with her; there are few as talented and as organised as her in the fashion industry. Wish I’d met her earlier in my career”
- Victoria Jenkins, Founder of Unhidden
“Becky has an amazing understanding of fabric and construction, knowing as well how to explain with detail without overwhelming and making it all accessible to beginners and advanced sewers. Her years of experience and passion for sewing is second to none! Personally, every time I listen to Becky, I learn something new that makes sense and saves me time and/or makes it better.”
- Paula Pascual, TV Presenter Create & Craft TV
“I have had the privilege of personally working with the amazing Rebecca and watched her find and create solutions to some complex sewing issues. I believe she displays sheer genius in her approach to sewing and techniques and I am always amazed and impressed.”
- Triple Minor, Stylist & Content Creator
“I have been a colleague of Becky’s for a number of years, and as a fellow Neurodivergent, I appreciate and respect her teaching style, her experience, and her knowledge enormously. Becky has so much to teach and is a joy to learn from.”
- Carla Bagshaw, TV Craft Demonstrator
The front cover of the book, All Access Sewing. The cover features purple petals and fabric tailor dummies. Title - All Access Sewing. Author - Rebecca Cole. Tagline - Making your wardrobe work for you with easy-to-follow projects.

Becky's First Book

This is a sewing book with a difference

Fifteen handy how-to projects to make your wardrobe more accessible, interviews with disabled sewers, and guides to setting up your sewing space and kit!
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