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Everyone gets up in the morning and puts on clothes. Clothing is a huge part of our identities, a way of expressing ourselves. What we wear has the power to make us feel incredible or invisible, comfortable, or in pain, stylish, or drab.

Welcome to the home of accessible sewing. Everything you need to build your accessible sewing kit and make your craft work for you. From shears to pins and everything in between.

Everything we offer has been hand selected by us, making sure that every tool and item can help make sewing more accessible and pleasurable for all, whatever our ability, skill, or challenge. As long as you love to sew, we’re here to help make your dreams a reality. 

Becky is late-diagnosed Autistic and ADHD and a professional dressmaker and pattern cutter. All Access Sewing was born out of the frustration and impatience Becky felt at how her clothes never felt quite right on her body. Learn more about Becky and her journey.

“I want others to experience the empowerment of creating a safe and accessible wardrobe like I have done, and feel incredibly passionately about the message this book brings. Now is absolutely the right time for this revolution in sewing.”
A close-up photo of author, Rebecca Cole. She is smiling at the camera, with white skin, dark red hair and thin framed glasses
Becky Cole
All Access Sewing
The front cover of the All Access Sewing book, which includes the title, tag line 'making your wardrobe work for you with easy to follow projects' and has a purple background

All Access Sewing

This is a sewing book with a difference.

Order your copy of All Access Sewing now!
Fifteen handy how-to projects to make your wardrobe more accessible, interviews with disabled sewers, and guides to setting up your sewing space and kit!
Definitely worth 5+ stars
“The book is so good. Showing you how to set a sewing room up. Down to lighting/sitting position. Interviews with not only Rebecca Cole but others. What items you will need while sewing. Very clear step by step instructions. Tips to help you. So many clear projects. It’s definitely worth 5+ stars.”
- Niamh Oxley
“Disability or not, great book for all. (My go-to book),”
- Tania Street
A great book
“It’s a great book to make life easier especially if you have a disability.”
- Julie Hallam
A brilliant resource
“This book has given me so many fantastic ideas about how I can make my sewing hobby more accessible to me as well as how to adapt my clothes to suit my needs. As a sewist with an energy-limiting illness, I love that each project indicates the effort level required so you can judge whether or not to tackle it on any given day. Its such a brilliant resource and one I will turn to time and time again.”
- @helenlivesslow
“Ideal book for all who sew. Easy read instructions.”
- Beth Baird
Very interesting
“This book is great. It has a combination of articles and projects and I have found it very interesting to read.”
- Christine Denny
“Excellent book, so many great ideas.”
- Patricia Webb
Love my book
“It’s an amazing book, got it for Christmas and watched your show on TV. Being disabled myself and having friends knowing what clothes are like. You are changing people’s lives and showing its time for change. Amazing your work is. Just love my book.”
- Tracey Moseley Kavanagh

on the blog

Here you will find everything from sewing tips and demonstrations to interviews and advice.
A unique glimpse into Becky’s neurodivergent view of the world. 

All Access Sewciety

Over on Facebook we have a wonderful community called the All Access Sewciety! The group is an extension of the book, full of amazingly talented and friendly people all wanting to share their tips, advice, support, and projects. Everyone is welcome, all you need to be is friendly and have a love of sewing! Every week Becky comes live to share her tips and updates and regularly offers live demonstrations of different creative ways to adapt our clothing. The space is safe and non judgemental where everyone can be their authentic self: Becky regularly unmasks in her Lives! Come and join us and be a part of the conversation, everyone is welcome!

Shop Sewing Supplies

All Access Sewing Stretch Ruler


Our stretch ruler is specially designed to make working with stretch fabrics easier. Dyslexia and discalculia friendly, with an additonal table of numbers that removes the need to do the ‘maths’, this ruler will make your stretch  sewing jobs easier and more accessible.

Prym Large Ergonomic Stitch Ripper


This large ergonomically designed stitch ripper is easy to grip making it very accessible. The lid can be clipped on for safe storage or used to extend the handle for even easier handling.

Prym Pinking Rotary Cutter Blade – 45mm


A pinking edged rotary blade that will fit all 45mm rotary cutters, ideal to use in place of pinking shears.

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Easy Grip Pattern Weight Kit


This kit comes with everything you need to make four easy grip pattern weights that will hold your pattern in place without the need for pins.

Kit includes:

1 x fat quarter of cotton fabric (fabric design is sent at random, please select your preferred main colour)

4 x heavy duty weights

4 x plastic rings

Bag of wadding

Paper template

Full accessible instructions

Laundry Stamp Set


Laundry Care Stamp Set ideal for reproducing laundry care symbols into garments when labels have been removed. Set comes with full instructions. 

Laundry Stamp Kit


Laundry Care Stamp Set ideal for reproducing laundry care symbols into garments when labels have been removed. Kit comes with stamp set, three different colour inks, acrylic stamping block, accessibility aid suction handle, and full instructions. 

Curved Safety Pins 150 pieces


Large safety pins with a curved shape traditionally used in quilting. The curved design means the pin feeds itself back up through the fabric making them much easier to grip and use than traditional safety pins.

Multicoloured Tape Measure 150cm/60”


This multicoloured tape measure is designed using blocks of colour to indicate 10cm sections. This is great if following numbers or keeping track of measurements is a challenge as it makes it very visually clear.

This product comes in blue, yellow and pink – this will be selected at random however if you have a strong preference please leave a note on your order at checkout and we will try our best to accommodate based on stock levels, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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